Got a question?  Maybe we have the answer here!

The yarn I want isn't on your website, do you still have it?  

Lottieknits yarn is dyed in small limited edition batches, so if you can't see the yarn you want on our website it's most likely sold out, sorry!  

I've seen the yarn I want but you don't have as many skeins in stock as I need, do you have more hidden somewhere? 

No, sorry, the yarn we have online is all we have in stock.  

I have my dream yarn in mind, could you dye it for me?

Unfortunately as Lottieknits is a one woman operation (yup, it's just me, Lottie!) we don't have the capacity to take custom orders at this time.  

Do you have a shop?  Can I come and visit?

Sorry, Lottieknits is an online only shop, so we don't have a physical shop, but I do occasionally attend yarn/fibres festivals if you'd like to come and say hello or squish the yarn in person!  We're based in the UK, not far from the historic city of Chester, so when I do attend shows they are UK based.  

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